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Motor industry player receives GSSA rating

Posted on Tuesday, 02nd Feb 2016

BMW Supertech, Durban

The BMW Supertech Durban dealership, situated off Edwin Swales in Durban, has been awarded a 4-Star Green Star SA Existing Building Performance Pilot rating by the Green Building Council South Africa, making the dealership the first of its kind in Africa to receive a Green Star certification.

“The motor industry are one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and it is heartening to see this attempt by the dealership to address their carbon footprint and improve their operational efficiencies,” says GBCSA CEO, Brian Wilkinson.

The Supertech Group Managing Director, Shabir Tayob explains that an environmental focus is not common in his industry. “Supertech’s board of directors have always embraced environmentally friendly business and personal practices. While it is extremely prestigious to be the first dealership, not only in our country, but in Africa to achieve a Green Star rating, it is also a major concern that the automotive industry as a whole is not focussed on sustaining the environment and promoting green initiatives”.

“Dealerships and manufacturers across the country need to prioritise the promotion of green initiatives, as it is vitally important for the future of our country. We hope that with our accolade, dealerships across the province and country look at achieving Green Star ratings as well and work together to preserve the environment through green initiatives. The future success of our dealership lies in the dealerships 5, 10, 30 and 50 year succession plan, and one of the priorities in each category is the need to be environmentally conscious,” says Tayob.

Supertech Durban has a heritage spanning 3 decades and was originally situated on South Coast Road. A change in ownership in recent years saw a new dealership being built a few kilometres away from the original site modelled on some of the most advanced ways to create an environmentally friendly business space. From the natural lighting, waste disposal process, water preservation and electricity consumption, among others, as well as promoting and adopting a green way of business for all managers and staff contributed to the 4-Star rating.



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