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Green Project Certification

Posted on Tuesday, 04th Aug 2015


Share your green building projects and add to the knowledge base or learn from what others are doing to green South Africa’s property industry.


A Green Star SA rating provides many benefits for project owners, developers, tenants and professional consultants, including:
• Positive associations for the project and corporate image in a society increasingly concerned with climate change and sustainability.
• A competitive advantage – South Africa is just starting on its green building journey. Green Star SA buildings are pioneering and clearly differentiated in the marketplace.
• Media interest and increased awareness of your contribution to sustainability and productive work and living spaces amongst investors, staff, clients, tenants and other stakeholders.
• Influencing change in the South African property industry by providing best practice leadership and a case study for researchers.

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The benefits of green building and Green Star SA rating are indisputable. Now you need to provide documentary evidence of the green building measures you will employ. Register your project to declare your intent to pursue certification.

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